Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Soup Recipe #1

Even though here in the midwest it doesn't feel like Fall yet, it's definitely October! My favorite month of the year. I have always had a love affair with Autumn. The chill in the air, yummy comfort foods filling my house with their delicious smells, the days getting shorter.

This month I'm going to share some fun fall activities and recipes with you all.

With my full time job (photographer) pulling me out of the house around dinner time, I have to have something in my arsenal to make that I can either put in the crock pot to keep warm or that's quick. Soups are the best thing I have found to make ahead of time and keep in the crock pot until time to eat!

My favorite one as of late is this Cheesy Taco Soup from Carlsbad Cravings. It is SO easy and delicious!!!! I make it completely early in the day and then dump it in the crock pot to stay warm. We can eat anytime that evening. It's a win for us because my picky #1 son will eat it (he thinks it tastes a little like queso) and everyone else loves it as well!

It's great when you have an evening like this one below planned as well!

Enjoy and if you try it out, let me know how you like it! I love ALL of the recipes I have found on this blog  and I think you will too! 


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