Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Favorites

So many things that I can say are my favorite, that I've used this month or seen.

Here's a few on my list!

These  adorable cactus soaps

This delicious beer! I'm a beer fan and I'm picky. We recently discovered this summer ale and it is light and refreshing! 

These super cute men's swim trunks. On my list for Father's Day gifts. 

This color is everything to me lately and these are to die for! 

These are too cute to eat... maybe. ;) 

This stuff... it's everything. I am in LOVE with this cream. It gives you a mega glow and it smells delicious! 

And these graphic tees! Maverick is a brand rep for The Little Owl Nest Co. (one of a few that he recently landed) and she has the CUTEST stuff! So soft and adorable! 
If you find something you love, use code TLONMAVERICK15 to save 15% off of your order! 

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