Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Beach Vacation Meal Plan

One of the things I love about our beach vacation week is that our largest expense is the house itself. I plan our meals out in advance and do a big grocery trip on the day that we arrive.

We have a few restaurants that we always like to visit while we're there, so I take those in account as well.

The first few years we went I bought too much food, didn't plan our meals well and on Friday evening we threw out way too much food.
I now have a much better system in place, in my opinion! 😏

Here's a snap shot of my menu.

 I plan breakfast (loosely) lunch and dinner. On our Lulu's day we'll have something simple for dinner, hot dogs, etc. We always tend to eat and drink a lot at Lulu's.

As far as our meals go, I found this system on Pinterest and decided to put it to use. You start with one main meal, write those ingredients down and then branch off.

For example, on Sunday I always make a Dr Pepper Pulled Pork roast and we make sandwiches with it, we will then eat those leftovers for lunch at least two days. No waste! I planned tacos for one evening, buying enough ground beef to also do a spaghetti night, along with that we'll do salad (lettuce will also be used for tacos and lunch salads) and French bread. I'll buy enough French bread to go with the shrimp and corn chowder (our other big meal) and French Bread Pizzas on Friday (which is also a fridge clean out night) so basically eat whatever is left over!
The shrimp and corn chowder calls for shrimp (locally bought on the island and so yummy) corn (produce stand purchase) and bacon, that bacon I'll also use for BLT's one day for lunch and possibly some for breakfast one day.

Planning it out like this hopefully eliminates waste and saves us money!

Here's the plan in case you may want some inspiration

Saturday: (arrive and grocery) Island Rainbow Pizza day
Sunday: B; bagels/cereal L; Lighthouse Bakery D; Dr Pepper Pulled Pork
Monday: B; bagels/cereal L; Lulu's D; hot dogs and a pasta salad
Tuesday: B; bacon and eggs L; left over pulled pork D; Tacos
Wednesday: B; biscuits &a gravy L; BLT's D; spaghetti
Thursday: B; pancakes (I'll pack just enough mix with us) L; Miguel's D; shrimp & corn chowder
Friday: B; Lighthouse Bakery L; picnic at beach D; French bread pizzas and fridge clean out.

I hope I helped a little on a vacation meal plan. If you plan ahead and have it all mapped out, hopefully you can save a bit and not waste as much!
Happy Planning!


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