Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Three Days in Washington

One destination on my bucket list has always been Seattle. The Pacific Northwest just always felt like a place I would immediately fall in love with.
For our 20th anniversary we decided to make it a plan and visit. We only had three days, which when I go back we will definitely try to do at least a week. Because we had never been to the west coast, we decided to drive out to the coast on our first day there. We stayed at the Quileute Reservation in La Push. I was in love, misty and cool, the weather was typical Washington.

The resort was nice, nothing fancy at all, but clean, affordable and so close to the water, you could throw a rock and hit the beach. We will definitely stay there again if we ever do go back. 

La Push 

 La Push and Quileute Resort

Because there is really nothing up that way as far as restaurants go, we travels 20 miles into Forks to eat. Yes, Twilight fans, Forks! It was fun to visit, it's a very small town. We ate at Pacific Pizza, it was good and the people that were working were very nice. The next morning we ate at The In Place. Decent breakfast and fast to boot.

The next two days would be spent in Seattle. We stayed at The Maxwell Hotel in the Queen Anne District. While not directly in the middle of the action, we were maybe 5 minutes away and in my opinion it was a great spot. The hotel was boutique like in its decor, affordable and very clean. Definitely would recommend to everyone!

Ferry coming in to Seattle! We had clam chowder and a beer on the upper deck.

We fell in love with Washington. I don't think I ever visit a place that I don't fall in love with it and yearn to leave the Midwest and try to live somewhere else. Someday I suppose. 

A few tips, the First Starbucks store, I read a few tips before hand, telling me how crowded it gets, etc, and to just get a photo outside of the store. Well, we had luck on our side the day we visit d the market and Starbucks, we got down to the market between 845-9. We literally walked up and walked right in. Pretty awesome and I would recommend it to everyone, just to say you've been there!

The market, the main thing I wanted to do, was manageable early. We walked back through around lunch time in search of food and it was crowded. My tip, be an early bird! We were able to stroll through, enjoy looking at all of the goodies and not fight the crowds.

A few things on eating in Seattle, have a Piroshky ( again this is an early thing) we stepped right in and ordered, came back later and the line was wrapped around the building. Delicious pastry!

Magic shop on lower level of the market.

We had a date night while there, we decided on Poquitos,  they have so many tequila options it will make your head spin. The atmosphere and food were great!

Our last night we ate at  5 Spot. Because we were staying in the Queen Anne District, we only had about a mile walk, "let's do it" we said. About 2 minutes in we were cursing that thought, completely up hill walk. Like no hill I have ever walked. It took us 25 minutes to get there and 8 to get back down. 😂 but the view from the top

Totally and completely worth it! 
Top Pot Doughnuts was on the last stop before the airport on our last day. Have a bacon maple long john, you'll thank me! 

Seattle will be a place we will visit again. Just when we have more time to explore! 


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