Friday, August 5, 2016

Kitchen Renovation for under $500

We've been in our house now for almost three years. The first thing I snubbed my nose at when we viewed it was the kitchen. While it wasn't awful and was livable, it was dark and dated. Our house was built in the late 90's, apparently at the peak of the oak era. 😂 We have it everywhere and I really don't like it!

My shiny new kitchen!

before and after iPhone shot


Home from vacation we set our sights on redoing this kitchen.
We started with painting the walls, it took us no time and I took this as a great sign that maybe everything else would be quick. 🙄 If you think painting cabinets will be a quick fix, think again. It was tedious, soooooo tedious, but so worth it! I love my new kitchen so much!

Step 1;  clean/wipe down the doors and drawers with a bleach water solution. Do not skip this step! The paint we bought says there is no prep work, such as sanding or priming, but you absolutely do need to wipe off the years of grease and grime.

Next we removed the doors and drawers, using painters tape, we numbered them, that way when we reattached we would have no guessing. Saves you time and hassle!
Hubby sprayed the doors and drawers. If you have a sprayer, use it! It saved so much time and effort and honestly the paint coverage is so much nicer! He used Dixie cups to hold up the doors while they dried after painting each side.

It took about three coats of paint for the cabinets that we did not remove. With the sprayer he only did two coats, see what I mean? Much better coverage! We started painting on Tuesday and were completely finished by Wednesday. We probably should have left them to dry a bit longer but I was so tired of not having a useable kitchen, we sped it along. 

New sink, new hardware  and light fixture and we were finally complete! 
Price breakdown;
Wall Paint; Sherwin Williams Sea Salt $100 (they had a rebate for buy one get one so I'll get half of this back!)
New Light Fixture $20
New Sink $80 
New Faucet $120
Cabinet Paint (Valspar cabinet enamel, it's a new line, you can have it tinted to any number of shades they have available) $80 (we have almost a whole gallon left)
Cabinet Hardware $100

total cost $500 with $50 coming back to me in the form of a rebate! YAY ME!!! 

To do; I still need to paint my hideous oak light fixture that hangs in the kitchen. I figure this is the cheapest option. 

I love love my new kitchen. Would I paint cabinets again, not any time soon. It wasn't horrible, just time consuming and I'm sore from painting. HA! 
But for us, to get a "new" kitchen it was the cheapest option.