Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Road Tripping

My favorite things about summer 
1; it's daylight later
2; schedules are pretty much zero
3; vacation! 
We leave on Thursday for our annual pilgrimage to Dauphin Island Alabama. This will be our fifth year! Obviously we adore it! It is so laid back, honestly, it is beach and a few restaurants. But more on  that when we return! 

Packing for said vacation, for five people and a baby. Augh! We traded in our Volkswagen last fall for a Honda, love the Honda but we traded in our storage space under the seats. Boo. So I got creative! Instead of bulky suitcases, I packed us in three 58 qt Rubbermaid containers. Two people to a container! It worked beautifully. We are taking our time on the way down and stopping at a hotel, those clothes will be in a duffel bag to take in. Everything else, including toiletries, in the Rubbermaid. It is looking to be much easier looking for things, carrying in and we have SO much space.  I'm pretty excited! What we have are three Rubbermaid containers on the bottom for clothes, one more 58 qt container for supplies for the house, a small container for toiletries, stroller and first aid supply box. So much room, and we still have to add in that duffel and our cooler for the lunch stop! 



Full vacation post in about two weeks! Until then, peace out! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Favorite

Friday and a long holiday weekend! 🙌🏻 
This week my Friday Favorite pick are these adorable bandana bibs I ordered from MatiMati Baby. They are seriously the cutest thing ever! And.... Great quality! They have some sort of fleece backing, really nice sturdy snaps on the back to keep them in place, and they come in some super cute prints! 

You can find them on Amazon or here http://www.matimatibaby.com
And right now they are running 10% off with the code Mati10 

Have a great weekend!!!