Thursday, June 30, 2016

Girls' Trip {Vietnam & Singapore}

I went to Vietnam you guys! No really!
So, background, my best best best friend in the whole wide world is an Australian. We've known each other for 10 years. We see each other when they come to the US for holiday, we have traveled to them once. They are our people. ;) She emailed me last year and mentioned that she's turning 40 and planning a girls' trip to Vietnam, would I want to go. Are you kidding?! Now, I had just barely had Maverick... and we have three others, so this was going to be a bit of a thing for me, ok... it was a HUGE thing. I've never traveled alone, LIKE EVER... and I was leaving my hubby and kids for 10 days. By the way, they survived just fine without me, I'm super lucky to have an amazing husband who held the fort down while I was away.

I was to fly alone to Singapore, I then met up with Rachel and the other three that were with us, we then boarded another plane to Vietnam. I can't lie, I was SO nervous, scared, anxious, etc. when I boarded that flight for the 14 hours to Hong Kong (my first stop) but once we stopped there, I had to deplane, go through security, find my other gate (I also stopped off and grabbed a Starbucks ha) and then get back ON a plane and fly on to Singapore... once all of THAT was done I was ok. I could actually breathe. Something about that LOOOOOONG flight over the ocean to Hong Kong. UGHHHHHHHH
Anyway, I made it. Arriving in Singapore, I then had to transfer terminals (insert me with GIANT anxiety face) and find the gate. I did it and I found my friends!

We arrived in Vietnam and I expected, well I don't even know what I expected. I guess guards standing around with guns, etc. It wasn't that way... I mean yeah there were some but not like what I was thinking.
On to our resort, which was amazing. Fusion Mai Da Nang.  You can view it here. If you ever get a wild hair to go to Vietnam, I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful spot. Vietnam is beautiful in itself, I want to go back, I will go back someday with my hubby. Anyway, it's gorgeous and we were treated like royalty from the very first day.
We did travel out onto the economy. We did some shopping at the markets a few days, we visited an amusement park at the top of a mountain, my photos don't do it justice. It was so beautiful and strange all at the same time. It had a very bavarian vibe to it, so strange. The ride up was nerve wracking, you go up in a cable car and it is HIGH... but it was breathtaking.  We had some authentic vietnamese coffee, complete with condensed milk (YUM) and did some mall shopping. I had a really great time. The people there are so laid back and we really didn't have too much of a language barrier, well not too bad. haha!!!

Then on to Singapore which is beautiful. We were there for two nights, I had a little issue while I was there and ended up in the ER in Singapore, this took almost all day of the first day, so Singapore for me was not as good as Vietnam, but I still enjoyed it and got to soak in the atmosphere. It is a little high, to this midwestern girl. A bottle of water at lunch, probably 32 oz bottle of Evian, was $10. Yeah.... their prices are just a tad steep. Still, I would TOTALLY go back!

On to the photos!
 In Hoi Ann, I believe she was a street cleaner

 I watched this little boy for at least 20 min.

Night markets in Hoi Ann 

Fishing boats 

Lady Buddha 

breakfast at Fusion Mai is AMAZING 

Asia Park 

Rach's bday extravaganza ;-) 


Vietnamese coffee 

Sentosa in Singapore

Having Singapore Slings 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Long Time No Write

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It has been WAY too long since I blogged. Maverick coming into our lives has proven to make our lives busier, in a good way! Work and homeschool also has kept us on our toes. 
I'm vowing to start blogging again, fingers crossed! 

A little update on us; 
Maverick starting walking at 9 months (way too fast, his whole first year went too fast) 

The girls turned 15 and now have their driving permit (again life is going too fast)

Jackson is plugging along. No really exciting news on him. 


I had a whirlwind trip to Vietnam and Singapore in March with my best friend for her 40th! More about that soon. 

It's summer and things are finally settling down and vacation is coming up fast. We're excited and anxious to get away for a while! 

More to come soon, I promise! 😏

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