Friday, February 19, 2016

Time 4 Learning Review

As I stated earlier, I was given a free month in exchange for a review for the website " Time 4 Learning" 
Jackson, 4th grade used it for all of his curriculum. Overall we found it very useful! It seems to be right on track about where we should be, and if I felt he isn't grasping a subject as quickly (math for instance) I had the option to start him a little behind in a grade back which has also proved helpful. 
Jackson really overall tolerates it (I mean it's still school right) he loves the science portion! This is a big plus for us, I have found it increasingly difficult to find a good science home curriculum. Time 4 Learning science also provides him with experiments to do, which he loves! 
My high school age kids already have a great language arts and history program that they are following. So I only had them test the science and health portion. I have one behind (grr) so only one of my girls technically tested. She liked the science portion (we tested Biology) but after much thought, $80 a month was just way too high for all of my kids. The elementary level is $19.95 a month, high school is jumps to $30 per child. Just a little too steep for us. Which made me sad because we need the science and would benefit from it but I can't justify $80 a month right now. 

The parent portal is great. You can view lessons completed (or skipped) see what needs to be done for the week and print records and scores! All in all I believe it is a great program and we did continue with our elementary student for the year. 

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