Monday, April 20, 2015

38 Weeks... on the downhill slide.

When I look back on these past 9 months, on one hand it feels like they have gone SO slow, on the other hand, they feel like they have gone SO fast. It's amazing to think that my life has been consumed with growing another human being for NINE months.

I love being pregnant, until I get to 36 weeks and then I'm DONE. The first trimester never has bothered me much, the exhaustion and nausea, actually I deal with that fairly well. Second trimester is when I really feel my best. I hit that 36 week mark and it was like hitting a wall. I don't feel bad, but the exhaustion has kicked back in, my feet are swollen and look pretty disgusting, it doesn't go down either, I'm eternally uncomfortable, sleeping ok until I have to roll over and then I could be up for the night. And lately, I have to get up to pee at least twice, usually after I lay there for 20 minutes contemplating if it's worth rolling my giant belly out of bed. At this point in my two previous pregnancies I was sleeping in a recliner so I have to say that this is a huge accomplishment to be still sleeping in my bed! 
We are so ready for Maverick to be here. To see his little face and love on him! 
My 36 week check up was SO encouraging, I was dilated 2cm and effaced. I came home ready to climb a mountain! So exciting that things were moving quickly!! 

37 weeks (last week) was not as encouraging. Still dilated at 2cm. :( I left there deflated and defeated. I love my midwife, she is ever my cheerleader, she said to me "you're still at a two, but your cervix is very soft, so that's a good thing! You could go home and go into labor tonight!" Well I didn't, but that's ok. 
So we hiked this week, I've worked, I walked a few miles in our neighborhood, all to get this ball rolling. I feel like he's just a little too comfy in there, I may have to send him a little eviction notice. ;) 
This will just give me more time to get things prepared (I'm pretty prepared already) and i hope to get a blog post up this week about his room. 

Until my next appointment, or a baby decides to come out... 

36 Weeks and Counting

37 and a half weeks, I can still see my toes!

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