Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Sixth Yolk Update

I haven't blogged in forever. Winter seems to have gotten the best of me, and really it wasn't bad at all here... but the dreary days and darkness did this pregnant girl in.
In the beginning of this pregnancy I wanted to keep a blog diary of week to week, that didn't quite happen like I intended, so I'll try to catch up now and hopefully update every Monday.

I'm now 34 weeks and two days pregnant... (I include the days to make myself feel better) HA! Things are moving right along..... we're having a little boy, which will even out this family at two girls and two boys. When we do things we do them right!
Being pregnant at 39 has proved to be a bit more challenging, nothing major, just the exhaustion is more this time around. My doctor has been very thorough with tests and ultrasounds to ensure that baby and I are healthy.  My B12 came back low in the beginning, they put me on a supplement of B12 and D (D was also low, 50,000 weekly units they ordered) My hips hurt like mad, I wake up every morning and can barely walk. They wake me in the night. I'm going to attempt some yoga today along with some squats, I should have been doing this all along, but well you know...
They retested me a month ago and my b12 was STILL low, so they ordered weekly B12 injections. Yeah, this scared me. We had to do them at home and hubby had to do it. The very first one I was a wreck, worried about air in the syringe, etc. (Did I mention that part of my biggest issue with this pregnancy has been anxiety) yeah, NO.FUN. Anyway, we got past that and completed the B12. I have an amazing husband who puts up with my crazy, whiny, anxiety ridden self. I don't know what I would do without him.
They put me BACK on the 50,000 units of D a week and again will retest. I don't know if B12 has always been an issue for me, if it has it's interesting to note that if you are low it causes fatigue, slow metabolism,  and a whole other wealth of issues.
Other than my vitamin levels, Maverick is doing well and growing, at my last ultrasound he was at four lbs. On track to weigh around eight at birth. He is SO busy, moving like crazy... last night I timed him and he moved for a full two hours straight. It makes me wonder what IS there to do in there? :)

Weight gain, this is my lowest weight gain with any of my pregnancies. Of course with the girls I gained 50 lbs. Jack I think I gained 30 or so, but it was all early on. Maverick, so far I have only gained 15 lbs (per my last appointment) which makes me feel SO good! I have eaten better with him and tried to stay hydrated. I am craving good food, fruits and vegetables, for a while it was pineapple, all of the pineapple I could get my hands on, now it's strawberries and carrots. Meat is a huge turn off right now, for the most part.

The anxiety with this pregnancy has to be the worst part. I have irrational fears, I'm not a worrier at all, I've taught myself to stay on the positive side of things and to not let things get to me. Well this time around it is ALL getting to me. I worry about the safety of my family, illness, my safety, the baby, things that I read then I think "well that will happen to me for sure" it sucks! It's getting a little better, but it's still there at the back of my mind and I am shoving it hard to get it to stay back there.
My vivid pregnancy dreams don't help either. You know the ones, you wake up and they are SO real, dreams of adultery (I will wake up so angry at Chris and will be angry for the rest of the day) fatal crashes happening, planes, etc. It's so ODD, and SO.REAL. But, six weeks.... I keep reminding myself... I love being pregnant until I get to the point where I am out of breath and feeling exhausted again. Yeah,  I'm ready.
Maverick's room is almost complete, walls painted, crib is up and changing table and dresser are finished and filled. I can now sit back and relax (a little) until he decides to make his entry into the world.

18 Weeks

26 Weeks

28 Weeks

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

Maverick's Gallery Wall above his bed

I'll do a more in depth photo of his room once I am completely finished in there.... Still have some loose ends to tie up! 

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