Saturday, December 6, 2014

Advent Calendar

When I was small I had the coolest little advent calendar. It had a pocket for every day of December and every day I got a small gift in the pocket. As a child this was the best. As an adult, I don't remember one single small gift that I  got in those pockets.
I looked for years for one like the calendar I had as a child, to no avail. Either they were crazy expensive or wouldn't work for three kids. Then I saw people doing a different kind of advent, one that included time spent together doing things, sort of like a December bucket list. This was what I needed, what we needed. Homeschooling, we do spend a lot of time together, but it's in the house doing school work or just sitting, watching tv or everyone is on a device. This makes us put that away and actually spend time together. I knew I was onto something when one of our days this past week was "go to the Christmas Parade" it was rainy and nasty out so the kids voted to stay home and play a game as a family. As we were getting ready for our game, my son says "this is the best mom" that sealed it for me! I want them to remember things that we did as a family. We often only remember the bad times or the stressful times when you're little.
I've made it my mission for my kids to have a childhood that is worth remembering. One that they will maybe want to continue with their kids, not one they want so badly to change.

My advent calendar this year... I bought it off of, it was a daily deal, I had to assemble it, but it will last us at least one more year.

Here's my list for this year... because we are super busy next week with production of the Nutcracker, I cheated a little. 

Day 3; have a sweet treat
Day 4; Christmas Parade
Day 5; Watch a Christmas movie together and have "junk food" for dinner
Day 6; snowman breakfast
Day 7; have a sweet treat
Day 8; Make snow globes
Day 9; have a sweet treat
Day 10; make gifts for the birds (this goes with our Christmas around the World theme for school)
Day 11; have a sweet treat
Day 12; decorate cookies
Day 13; small gift
Day 14; make cinnamon ornaments
Day 15; make paper snowflakes for the windows
Day 16; make gingerbread men (something my grandma used to do with us and continued with my kids and they STILL remember this. 
Day 17; Tilles Park Lights and sushi (hopefully)
Day 18; decorate cookies
Day 19; St Charles Old World Christmas
Day 20; build a gingerbread house
Day 21; Christmas movie together & root beer floats
Day 22; Pick a game and play together as a family
Day 23; Make Christmas cookies and treats
Day 24; one more day, open one gift and make reindeer food for tonight. 

My list will change from year to year, but what will remain the same is the time we are spending together as a family and hopefully make December a month that my kids will always remember! 

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