Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Type Kids Review| Online Typing Software

Recently I was asked to review Type Kids touch typing software. While my kids are constantly on the computer, my son, who is 8, doesn't type correctly, meaning, his hands aren't in the "home" position and he still looks at the keyboard. So I was super excited when presented with this opportunity!

{ I was given a free membership to TypeKids.com in exchange for a thorough review.  was given a free membership to TypeKids.com in exchange for a thorough review.}

The company made it super easy, we logged in with my email address and password. The first lesson showed him where to put his fingers  on the keyboard in the "home" position, this is what I call it, that's how I learned in keyboarding in high school. ;) It then took him through a series of exercises typing those letters only in sequence,  along with the space bar. He couldn't move on until the correct letter was typed. He only made a few mistakes and then after that he had the hang of it.  After each exercise he earned coins and unlocked games. Great for a kid who LOVES to play computer games.

I found the website very easy to navigate, we had no problem understanding where to go from the beginning, logging back in was a breeze and took us right back to where we left off.

Only having had it a few days, he did complete lesson 1, it was easy, he enjoyed it and we will continue with the lessons. He is now playing games in the "pirate arcade" which he earned as rewards for finishing his lesson.

Each small exercise took him maybe 5 minutes , the entire lesson took around 20-25 minutes.   It was easy to add into our homeschool routine and didn't take up a huge amount of school time, but enough to get him typing and understanding where his fingers need to be, what key is where, etc.

I liked that accuracy was emphasized rather than speed. He wasn't racing against the clock to complete each exercise but was hitting each key and remembering where it was (hopefully) after that.

  • The course consists of 30 online lessons which take around 25 minutes to complete. 
  • Once J finishes his courses he will receive a diploma from type kids (exciting) 
  • The cost for the complete online course is $89.95

If you want to give it a try as well click here,  no credit card required.

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